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  Hello friends.

  I am Wang Xiufeng, director of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau of Handan city, Hebei province.I am very happy to take you into Handan, a city with a long history and rich culture.

  The word “Handan”,as the exclusive name of a city,has not changed for more than 3100 years.It is rich in cultural tourism resources.It is a national civilized city, a national garden city,and an excellent tourist city in China, with two national 5A-level scenic spots and 13 4A-level scenic spots.

  Thousand years change accumulate heavy history and culture

  Handan has a history of human civilization for 8000 years and is the birthplace of Cishan culture.Here are outstanding,Xunzi was born here,Qin Shihuang started learning here,and Cao Cao achieved dominance here ...During the Warring States Period,Handan was the capital of Zhao Kingdom for 158 years.During the war of resistance against Japan and the war of liberation,Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping led the Eighth National Revolutionary Army's 129 division to fight and live here for 6 years.In the history of the Chinese revolution,he wrote a brilliant page of “nine thousand soldiers entering Shexian county and 300,000 troops out of Taihang mountains.”The rich history has left Handan with rich cultural relics and places of interest.It has 40 national key cultural relic protection units and 108 provincial-level cultural relic protection units.Xiangtangshan Grottoes in Fengfeng is one of the ten largest grottoes in China and is known as the treasure of Chinese Buddhist carving art.Nvwa's Palace in Shexian county is the "Chinese Temple" dedicated to Nvwa,and its cliff Buddhist carvings are famous all over the world.Guangfu ancient town in Yongnian,integrate with “ ancient town, water town and Taichi town”,it is natural and long-lasting.Tongquetai ruins in Linzhang,where Cao Cao trained the navy in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.There are also a number of historical and cultural relics such as Wuling Congtai, Huangliang dream Lvdongbin temple, and Cheng'an’s Erzu temple, which are renowned at home and abroad.

  Eternal legends create humanistic traits

  Since the Warring States Period,Handan has been a fashion capital echoing the rhythm of humanities.People dance and “Handan toddler”. King Wuling of Zhao state “shooting on horse in Hu dress”,Lin Xiangru “return the jade intact to the State of Zhao”,Lian Po “proffer a birch and ask for a flogging”,and interprets the eternal story of general and premier make up.There are more than 1500 idioms come from Handan or related to Handan,it is unique in the Chinese history culture corridor and is known as “the capital of Chinese idioms”.Handan Yongnian is also the birthplace of Yang-style and Wu-style Taijiquan,and enjoys the reputation of “the Holy Land of Taijiquan”.

  Times and storms paint landscapes scroll

  The natural scenery of Handan is unique.Jingniang Lake, known as “love lake and island”,is named after the touching legend that Emperor Zhao Kuangyin of Song dynasty sent Jing Niang for thousands of miles.Chaoyang ditch, the dreamland of educated youth,is the original place for the creation of the famous Henan opera “Chaoyang ditch”.“Graceful water and marvellous mountain” seven steps ditch,overlapping mountains and flowing waterfalls.“Natural Oxygen Bar” Taihang Wuzhi mountain,with a natural reclining Buddha up to 3 kilometers long.East Taihang scenic area integrates majesty, marvellous,dangerous and steep of Taihang mountain,becoming the representative of mountain scenic area with excellent sightseeing experience and advanced facilities.Yiquan lake, Qingta lake, and other scenic spots are surrounded by mountains and rivers,making people feel refreshed.

  Humanities gathering breed simplicity

  Handan has colorful folk culture and folk art.Cizhou Kiln was the largest folk kiln system in northern China in ancient times. Passed on from generation to generation and enduring, known as “Cizhou kiln town in China”.102 projects including Quzhou dragon lantern, Guangping Shuilu painting,Guantao black pottery, Weixian cloth dyeing and weaving were included in the national and provincial intangible cultural heritage.The grain painting town in Guantao county,Xiangtang water town in Fengfeng,and Xiaodi Village in Hanshan district have won the ten most beautiful villages in the country.Taihang red river valley has become another new business card for Shexian county.In the long-term integration of history and culture, forming Handan's unique food culture.The snack lane on the carriage lane gathers Handan native products,Handan famous snacks, Handan dishes and other special foods,which has attracted countless tourists to come and taste.

  Dear friends,the development of Handan cultural tourism has arrive, its potential has become, its interest can wait!I sincerely invite everyone to choose Handan and experience Handan!I am waiting for you in Handan!


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